What We Do

Product Development & Design

Our in-house designers and marketing associates are fully versed with international fashion trends. They guide our customers through initial concept to final prototype. To further aid our in-house team, we have an established sample manufacturing facility and fabric development division at our headquarters.


The first stage in the production of garments is really down to our sourcing team. We have a team dedicated to finding new fabrics and even developing new fabrics to suit our client’s needs. In addition, our devoted sourcing team constantly travels to different factories around Asia ensuring our client’s receive the highest quality garments at the cheapest price possible, whilst knowing where to balance the need for appropriate quality.


Once orders are placed, our merchandisers are constantly following up with our factories to ensure the goods are being produced in a timely fashion, as well as ensuring that the quality remains at a level where the customer will be more than satisfied with. It is our pledge that we will use our network of strong manufacturing facilities to deliver high quality garments to our customers.

Quality Control

Our vigilant team of Quality Auditors ensures that quality is never compromised and that required quality standards are met. We have multiple quality check points, such as Pre-production meetings, in-line inspections at various stages - before / after wash & pre-finals We are also able to follow AQL standards set by you.


Our shipping shipping is consistently working on efficiency in getting your merchandise to you - we take great pride in delivering our orders on time. Our comprehensive shipping team guarantees that orders are shipping to customers on time, 100% of the time