Charms Industries

Sustainability & CSR

CHARMS INDUSTRIES  has adopted a culture of sustainability and eco-friendliness as part of their forward growth in the apparel industry. With our management’s values at the core of the company, we are dedicated to create healthy communities and prosperity for today’s and future generations. A such we are relentlessly committed to modifying our existing facilities and developing new ones in a sustainable manner to ensure we address economic, environmental, and social issues, and avoid the over consumption of key natural resources.

 We are finding increased success in re-engineering current production with our partners to be more sustainable from end to end, while trying to minimize the impact on overall cost.

Sustainable Fibers & Cotton

Since 2019 most of the cotton sourced by Charms Industries has met the Better Cotton Initiative, or equivalent, standards.

We continually work with our suppliers to reduce upstream environmental impact by using ever more sustainable raw material products such as sustainably sourced cellulose fiber and pre and post consumer recycled cotton. We currently work with several certified mills including REPREVE, Jeanologia, etc.

 We use fabrics such a REPREVE and other certified recycled fabric complying to GRS (Global Recycling Standard)

Low-Impact Laundry

We are excited to have invested in a new facility with state of the art laser wash and low water consumption machinery by Jeanologia that will allow us to reduce our emissions during production.


Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of whatever we do. We constantly audit our factories, monitoring them closely to ensure you are 100% confident with where and how your products are made.