Charms Industries

What We Do


At Charms Industries, we are constantly in tune with the rapidly changing trends in today’s Fashion industry, providing avant-garde designs and end to end solutions to manufacturing today’s hottest styles in a cost efficient way, yet at a quality that is both desirable and marketable.

 From design and development to logistics, we create customized, end-to-end solutions to meet ever-changing market trends and our customers’ demands with unfailing reliability. With our support, you are able to reposition your brand, improve quality of products or save cost on current assortments by combining speed, efficiency, technology, design and innovation – backed with in-depth expertise, creativity and within financial restraints.


Our vastly experiences R&D teams work closely with each brand to ensure that the products we develop are right for their consumers. Taking into account fashionability, sustainability, new techniques & value-added technologies that will set them apart from the competition. 

 Whether you want us to manufacture to your precise specifications or work more collaboratively to co-develop products, our teams are ready to bring your collection to life.


Our in-house dedicated sourcing team is truly the foundation on which our production remains efficient, cost effective and on trend. Our team is constantly working to develop new fabrics and technologies for production to ensure our partners are kept on trend, and adapting to the rapidly changing industry.


Communication is key to our success overall. Once orders are placed, our detailed oriented merchandising team are constantly following up with our factory production team to ensure the styles are being produced in a timely fashion, as well as ensuring that the quality remains at a level where our partners will be more than satisfied with. Be at ease, knowing our team is providing you with weekly updates on your production status, allowing no room for error, and a much faster idea to store timeline.


Quality is the foundation on which we pride ourselves. Our company employs a full team of experts to focus on product quality both during and after the development process. We maintain high quality standards to ensure every product we develop meets the consumer’s utmost satisfaction. Beside regular factory audits, our QA team set up multiple quality checkpoints for each order, such as Pre-production meetings, in-line inspections at various stages – before / after wash & pre-finals. Our team regularly updates our partners to make sure every styles is made to the customers requirement, satisfaction and in a timely manner.


We’re deadline driven and perfectionists. Timing is everything – and we have learnt this after years of working with global distributors and retailers. Our shipping team is consistently working on efficiency in getting your merchandise to you – we take great pride in delivering our orders on time. Our comprehensive team guarantees that orders are shipping to customers on time, 100% of the time, handling all the documentation necessary .